DDR Energy Starter Kit With Backbar

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Dance Dance Revolution is an interactive game that combines the attraction of a video game and high energy music with a fun filled cardiovascular workout. Players move their bodies to upbeat dance tunes while keeping their dance steps in sync with the flashing arrows on the screen. Here is how it works: Connect one or two of our high quality game pads to a Sony Playstation. Insert the Extreme2 game software and begin. The action is displayed on your television. By purchasing additional non-slip "Tough" practice mats, an entire class can participate by watching the screen and following along. The Energy Metal Dance Pad is designed with 6 highly sensitive polycarbonate arrows over melamine (avery dense and durable wood product). Weighs 50 lbs. each. Starter Kit includes: 1 Sony Playstation(PS2) 1 DDR Extreme2 game software 2 Energy Hard Dance pads 6 "Tough" nonslip practice mats (32" x 36" x 1/4" thick) Television not included. Energy Pads have a 300 lb. weight limit.
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